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Scotchguard Protector for Carpet Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

Scotchguard Protector for Carpet Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

Hi, I'm Kyle Dillon with TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co. If your reading this article your probably wondering about wether or not to get your carpets protected. Your probably asking once I get my carpets professionally cleaned is it worth it to protect it? How much is it? How does it work? How long does it work? Whats happens if I don't have it applied? I will try to answer your questions and if you have any more questions or concerns about carpet cleaning feel free to call TLC Carpet Care in Castle rock Co. 720.314.0178

Is it worth protecting? I would say that depends on how old your carpet is and wether or not you plan on keeping your carpets after carpet cleaning. Also whats the activity level in your home, kids ,pets, family members etc. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co has the most competitive rates for carpet protection. on average it cost around ten dollars per room. How does it work? it creates a barrier keeping spills on the surface and it won't allow the dirt to adhere to the fiber and it protects from the top to the bottom of the fiber. How long will the protection last after the carpet cleaning? in general it should of lasted two years. What happens if I don't have it applied? well you leave your carpets at risk for spills that can stain and permanently damage your carpets.

Your carpets are one of the most expensive items in your home to replace. I would encourage you that when you make an investment with carpet cleaning that just alit extra protection will ensure that your carpets last as long as possible.

If you would like TLC Carp[et Care in Castle Rock to help you with all your carpet cleaning and protection needs feel free to call our office at 720.314.0178. You can also visit our website at

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