Proper Travertine Tile Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO

Proper Travertine Tile Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO


Glossy Floor after travertine cleaning & polishing process

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Ok so you just pruchased your new home and their it is.The loor youve always dreamed of. Problem is you dont have a clue on how to properly clean it. You go to your local grocery store and otherwise to look at a mirad of cleaning products only to be left even more confused than you were before you started. Do you wanna risk cleaning a floor and causing thosands of dollars of damage that could require a stone restoration company to fix. Dint think so. most people ven thou with the best intention can do more harm than good if they are not proerly trained when it comes to cleaning floors such as travertine and other stones.
So i will provide you a little information so you can make a better informed intelligent decision.

Nobody would want his or her home to look dull and boring. Many would go lengths just to get their ideal “dream home” no matter what it costs. This is so because it really pays off once a visitor pleases ones home. You can find professional assistance in cleaning your travertine floors in Highlands Ranch CO or any other similar means. Just imagine how you would feel if someone said “Your home looks dazzling!” or “this place is just marvelous!” Wouldn’t your ears just ring with happiness?

A popular choice for tiles to decorate home floors is the Travertine. Now you might ask, what is so special about using this kind of stone for floor or wall tiles? Travertine is a sedimentary rock, which has similarity in composition with Limestone. Because of geothermal springs, water and mineral evaporation, it was able to form an attractive and unique façade.

Colors of Travertine can range from deep and golden brown to lighter cream and also deep Persian red and even various shades of silver. You can almost picture it out vividly, these colors of Travertine dancing and playing around your floor! You can also make your own design when it comes to placing the tiles on the floor, with this much of colors to choose from!

To be able to look good and appealing travertine tiles are tumbled or cobbled, honed, polished or cross cut. Those tiles which have been left tumbled or cobbled is usually left “unfilled” in other words, pores and holes are left alone. This is so to help preserve the rustic and almost natural appearance of the stone. This is great if you want a bit of the stone’s authenticity to be left on its surface. Those extremely large holes, which go straight through the stone are common, and should be filled with grout during installation. Sealing travertine when it is honed, tumbled, cross cut will be important to the long term life of the stone.

Not properly sealing a stone can leave your stone at risk for staining and damage. If youve just moved into a home and are unsure wether your floors are properly sealed jusdt call an expert out to evaluate wether you need extra protection. In the long run a little sealer will be alot less expensive than a stone restoration job.

If you have no idea of how to design your travertine you can try out these tips: You can choose tumbled and cobbled travertine tiles, these tiles an give a rustic look to your home, this usually gives off the aura of an elegant yet natural sense all throughout your floor. You can very well use them in entry ways and kitchen floors for a more textured appearance. If you want the stone to stand out among the rest, you can try travertine Noce, inlaid with a contrasting or opposite color such as black, will definitely give out a dazzling elegance!

Not only does travertine look great in homes, it also gives off a classic look which you and your guests can definitely love! If you want your travertine to last longer than usual, you should clean it well using recommended methods. Be sure not to use harsh chemicals in cleaning to avoid harming the naturalness of the stone.

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