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Some professionals learn carpet stretching and cleaning on the job with no prior training. While experience is valuable, it is not an appropriate substitute for certification through a trusted agency. Without the proper training, professionals typically offer subpar service, possibly resulting in incomplete removal of soil, accelerated re-soiling, mold growth, or permanent damage to the flooring.  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers training in this area, ensuring technicians do not make these costly mistakes, and this improves consumer trust as a result. Multiple industry studies show that home and business owners consider certification important when looking for a professional to hire. This is because consumers know they can avoid poor service by selecting an IICRC-certified technician.What kind of carpet stretching and cleaning training does the IICRC offer?The IICRC’s CCT (Certified Cleaning Technician) course teaches the basics of treating flooring, including going over the five pillars of textile treatment. This includes learning the proper methods of dry soil removal, suspended soil removal, soil suspension, grooming, and drying. These concepts form the backbone of all flooring treatment jobs, so a technician needs to be familiar with each of them. During the CCT class, the technician will learn how to identify various fiber types and handle a variety of soiling conditions. Every job calls for certain pieces of equipment and certain techniques, which will be introduced to the student during the course.The RRT (Repair & Reinstallation Technician) course covers a wide variety of repair and reinstallation settings. The focus of the RRT course is to introduce a number of techniques and safety issues related to flooring repair and reinstallation. During the RRT, students will learn various forms of textile construction, as well as how to inspect them prior to any repairs. Technicians will also learn how to prepare the floor prior to starting the work, and how to properly place adhesives and floor cushions. The instructor will also demonstrate each step of the process, including proper seaming. Technicians certified in the RRT course will be able to identify problems with the flooring before they become serious issues, an extremely valuable skill for someone also trained in textile treatment.To learn proper carpet stretching and cleaning, students can sign up for an IICRC course in their area. The IICRC teaches its classes through approved instructors,  who teach at approved schools. These  classes are found all over the world, so technicians do not typically have to travel far to get certified. Both the CCT and RRT courses are taught over a course of two days. The CCT involves 14 hours of instruction time, while the RRT involves 16 hours. Following the conclusion of each class, students will need to demonstrate their skills and pass a written examination. Once certified, the technicians are included in the IICRC’s database, allowing them access to the institute’s resources.Modern, up-to-date training is the only way to ensure that a technician is ready for any job situation. With a versatile knowledgebase, a certified professional can improve their standing with their clientele. Classes can be found at

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