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Professional Tile And Grout Cleaner Castle Rock CO

Tile and grout cleaning on tiled floors can be a hard job to tackle with a mop, or by hand. When floors are cleaned by a professional cleaner, they are cleaned with the right type of equipment needed for them to sparkle again. Grout that collects grime and dirt can often cause the surface of a floor to become discolored and abnormal looking. We know how to restore your flooring to like-new appearance, and make it safe and fresh for our customers to enjoy. Our vacuum and water combination cleaners with steam, is known to get down to the deepest dirt in floors.

With our clear and color sealant creates for easier tile and grout cleaning. The grout and tile become very well protected, leaving the floors looking great. Our great color sealant is the best for using on floors that seem impossible to get clean. 

For customers wanting to do their own floor, sweeping is the best thing to do before trying to clean a tiled floor. As a professional company, we suggest to avoid all bleach type products in order not to destroy the sealants your floors. If you decide the do-it-yourself routine isn't the best option for your house, then give TLC Carpet Care a call. We will provide the most professional and sufficient service in Caste Rock, CO. Give us a call today at 720-314-0178 or visit us online at