Professional Oriental rug cleaning in Castle Rock, CO

Professional Oriental rug cleaning in Castle Rock, CO

Oriental rug cleaning in Castle Rock, CO is a very important process that you should learn to do if you want to enjoy your rug. The rug is made through a very long process of hand weaving, which is done to produce an intricate, colorful, and very stylized design. The rugs can be strewn or hung on the floor for ornamentation or utility.

Oriental rugs are no longer restricted to the Middle East. You can now find them in other parts of the world, especially in the Western countries. The problem with the rugs is that they are very difficult to clean, making it necessary to always look for some ideas from an expert before embarking on any cleaning process. The reason for this is that the fabrics used are usually natural, thick and soft, meaning that little maintenance will not destroy it, can be ruined or destroyed when you apply too much force.

Oriental rug cleaning is more difficult than when you are cleaning ordinary rugs. These types of rugs are quite expensive and delicate, and if you use the wrong cleaning solution, it can lead to complete destruction of the rug. Also, if you are patient with the rug cleaning process, you will have a one that will always look new. Here are some tips to help you in your oriental rug cleaning:

Vacuum the rug, then have it hung so as to get every dust removed.

Have the rug placed on a flat surface

Wet it with cool water. Then test a small part using a mild rug shampoo.

Brush with shampoo gently into the grain of the rug

Clean the rug and the fringes with water and shampoo mixture

Rinse with running water. You should eliminate any standing water with a rubber squeegee.

To finish the cleaning process, you should spread out the rug on a flat surface to dry.

Oriental rug cleaning is a process which is labor-intensive and tough, requiring at least 2 people in order to do have a good cleaning done. Therefore, you should ensure that someone would be there to assist you before you start. In case there is nobody to help you, a good alternative is to contact professional Oriental rug cleaning companies.

The rate at which Oriental rug cleaning is done depends on how often you step on it and how dirty it is. A simple way to determine if the rug needs a good cleaning is to rub the hand along its pile for some seconds. If dirty things cover your hand, then a cleaning needs to be done.

If you do not have the skill or the time to do the whole thing, it is better to hire professional Oriental rug cleaners in Castle Rock, CO. They have the knowledge and skills concerning the usage of various rug cleaning machines and how to have clean rugs. Compressed air canisters, steam injectors, and a climate-controlled atmosphere are things which are needed to care for rugs in the best way. During the cleaning process, professionals can retouch and repair any defect that your rug might be having.

Of course, the market has many products, which promise to clean your Oriental rug like magic, but you need to be careful. These types of products are likely to contain harsh chemicals that can further damage the rug. To have peace of mind, especially if the rug is an expensive one, a gift or has a sentimental value, you must let professional rug cleaners help you out.