Professional Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co



If your looking for a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Castle Rock Co look no further than TLC Carpet Care. We have more services to offer, but our carpet cleaning packages gives you a variety choose that may work best for you. TLC Carpet Care offers Small House, Medium House and Large House Packages for you to choose from as well as just min fee jobs if you just want a few rooms cleaned. TLC gets great results on all carpets no matter what the type. Our focus is attention to detail and listening to what our customers are saying. By providing each customer with quality service, using environmentally safe chemicals, and having a great attitude you will always know what to expect from TLC Carpet Care.

We start the carpet cleaning process by walking through your home, inspecting the condition of your carpet, identifying heavily soiled traffic areas that may require more attention and looking for signs of wear or damage that may need an additional or different kind of treatment or even replacement. We will move your light moveable furniture out of the way and will leaver pads underneath to protect the carpets as well as the furniture. TLC's Carpet Care's technicians are thorough, but insurance companies  do not allow us to move any large heavy pieces, precious breakable items or electronic equipment, computers, tv's, and bedroom furniture. 

Then we will go do a thorough vacuuming in each room of the house  to remove the loose soil and any pet hair. We use commercial quality Hoover vacuum cleaners to get the best result, these are some of the most high quality vacuums in the industry. When carpet cleaning companies don’t vacuum before the carpet cleaning  they can really create a mess. Even if you vacuum twice a week, as is recommended by TLC Carpet Care, the carpet should always be vacuumed before cleaning.

Before actually starting the carpet cleaning, our service technicians will respray the entire house  which means they perform stain pretreatments to loosen up the soil. Our Bio Break enzymatic cleaner  is ideal for getting the soil to separate from the carpet fiber in those high traffic areas and other areas where surface staining is common all the way to the backing of the carpets. Allowing the Bio Break to dwell for a minute or two will give this carpet cleaning chemical time perform its magic. This product is included. 

Your Castle Rock Carpet cleaning professional will use our ROTOVAC 360I carpet cleaning tool to the area to be cleaned. Using our powerful ProChem Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Machine, we will begin cleaning each carpet fiber on all sides. The RotoVac uses a rotary motion cleaning all the sides of the carpet fiber. Our method rotates each fiber in a circular motion while the steam flushes and rinses the soil away. This leaves the carpets feeling fresh and looking great. 

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