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Prochem Truck Mount, Carpet Cleaning- Parker CO


Prochem Peak Truck Mount , Carpet Cleaning- Parker CO

Hi we at TLC Carpet Care in Parker CO are proud to introduce the Prochem Peak this is one of the top of the line truck Mount machines in the carpet cleaning industry. TLC Carpet Care in Parker co is dedicated to providing you the absolute very best cleaning technology thats available. its our standard that sets us apart from everyone else.

Prochem continues its standard of excellence by providing performance and value in one package. The peak has a state of the art liquid cooled Kohler 25hp engine. This patented heat exchange system provides the maximum amount of heat.

The Prochem Peak can operate at 1000 psi insuring you that you get the most pressure. it also has heat exchangers that provide the absolute best heat to not only clean your carpets but to also kill all the bacteria and organic material. The blower in the Prochem Peak also insures that you get maximum lift and vacuum so that your carpet dries as quickly as possible.

TLC Carpet Care in Parker Co also uses 200 ft of hoses being capable of cleaning the largest of homes.

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