Parker Pet Stain Removal For Carpets- Parker CO

Parker Pet Stain Removal For Carpets- Parker CO


Parker Pet Stain Removal For Carpets- Parker CO

Parker Pet Stain Removal For Carpets- Parker CO

Welcome to TLC Carpet Care in Parker CO. So you just got your new puppy and in the next few months you will be potty training the little guy., however over the coure of this time your new family member is going to be having some accidents. So in the vent as these times occur you will need a qualified carpet cleaner to help you maintane your carpets.TLC Carpet Care in Parker is the one company you can count on. Established in 2002 TLC Carpet Care in Parker Co cleans Mattress Cleaning, Repair, Water Harm may be the 1st and best Environmentally conscious steam cleaning enterprise in Parker. We are fully Licensed, Trained and Certified. From our GREEN-SEAL Certified Premium Cleaning Items to our sustainable dumping practices Eco Green Carpet Cleaning Parker Tile Cleaning Repair & Water Damage Restoration uses ONLY Ultra-Premium cleaning items that possess far superior cleaning capabilities, are non-toxic, Bio-Degradable, non-irritant and safer for environmental disposal.
If you have a dog or cat living with you, then you know these lovable animals can leave stains and odor in your carpet. We are experts at pet stain and odor removal carpet cleaning in Parker.

Our unique process utilizes safe enzymes and citrus solvent, rather than harsh petroleum based solvents or phosphates to remove pet stains and odors from your carpets. We have over 20 years experience and can solve problems with pet odors that other carpet cleaning companies simply can not. Call the Pet Stain Carpet Cleaning experts. 

Is your mattress stained? Does it have an old, musky odor, or yellowing stains? Have you ever had it professionally cleaned? If not, then you might want to consider a mattress cleaning. We spend nearly 25% of our lives in bed…we wash our sheets at least once a month, but why don’t we wash our mattresses more frequently.

DON’T BE FOOLED BY A CHEAP SPRAY. These solutions will not work to fully remove the urine as there is no extraction being done to steam clean the pet urine from the carpet. If you need carpet cleaning because of dog or cat odors in Parker. Even thou urine is an acidity it has an alkalizing effect od the carpets which is why it leaves a yellow stain. We usee a Urine Stain Remover thats peroxide based thats time released so it slowly bleaces out the carpet without comprimising the original dye structure. Unfortunately you will not be able to find these products on the secondary markets. TLC Carpet Care in Parker does provide these products and services.

Can I clean this myself? More often than no you can try some basic things such as taking a towel and blotting up as much as possible. Be sure that you dont use a towell that has dye that could be transfered into the carpet. You can try to find an enzyme solution that may digest some of the bacteria.

Dog Urine and stool Carpet Cleaning

Dog urine is very acidic, and therefore the acid needs to be neutralized. Our process uses a special antimicrobial sanitizer to kill the bacteria that causes the odor. When you try to remove dog odor by spraying an enzyme such as Natures Most effective Miracle, you are simply leaving the enzyme and the urine in the carpet. That is why it is mandatory to get a professional steam cleaning firm, so that the ideal products are used and that we may properly extract all of our enzymes along with the dog urine from the carpets.

Urine Odor Removal Carpet Cleaning

Pet Odors come from a variety of sources and as anyone can smell when they walk into a room that has pets, often linger and get stuck in the carpets.

Pet Odors in carpets come from hair, dander, and especially the oil from the paws and hair. Our effective Pet Odor Removal carpet Cleaning in Parker comes from the use of a very high pH citrus based solvent.

Cat Odor Carpet Cleaning

Cat urine contains high amounts of ammonia, which often lead to that terrible smell. One way we counteract that is by applying a citrus solvent and special OdorZyme product to efficiently remove the ammonia. We follow up that process by steam cleaning the cat urine, and extracting the solution.

 Padding Replacement 

We specialize in getting to the source of the odor, which often times would be the carpet padding. Our Process is as follows:

1) Remove furniture from the room
2) Lift and roll carpet, making any necessary cuts
3) Steam Clean the Backing of the Carpet
4) Cut out the contaminated padding
5) Sanitize the floorboards or cement
6) Replace padding with new, pet specific padding
7) Re-stretch carpet and pull onto tack strip
8) Steam Clean Carpet from Above.

Please contact us for Pet Stain Removal in Parker Cat Urine Carpet Cleaning, Dog Urine Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Deodorizing, Carpet Sanitizing, Dog Odor Carpet Cleaning, Cat Odor Carpet Cleaning, Cat Vomit in Carpet, Dog Vomit in Carpet, and Carpet Padding Replacement.

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