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My Dadies Carpet Cleaning Company- Castle Rock CO

MY Dadies Carpet Cleaning Company- Castle Rock CO

HI, My name is Joshua Dillon thats me  on the side of my Dadies van. That was me at 8 months old. I'm 10 now and I just wanted to talk about my Dadies Carpet Cleaning company. I think Dadies Carpet Cleaning company is a great idea for making money. I've actually been on a job site with my Daddy and seen what great work he does and how he really care for his clients. Also and exciting part is when I get to help him on his Jobs. I usually help him holding the hose. I really like helping him cause I can earn money for toys. Also I like the idea that Daddy takes some of the money to give to charity. I also like that Daddy is saving money for my College. Most importantly is that we have a buisness that provides a home for our family. 

My Daddy has a great buisness might as well call him for a cleaning.

HIs Company is TLC Carpet Care; 720.314.0178