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Marble Polishing - Parker CO

 Marble Polishing Parker Co

At TLC Carpet Care in Parker Co we know how important your hard surfaces are. They not only make your home beautiful but ad tremendous value to your home. So picking out a company to help restore your floors is not something to be taken lightly. You want to make sure that whom ever you choose not only has the credibility but the experience you need to do the job right. At TLC Carpet Care in Parker Co we know marble. We understand and appreciate its characteristics. Our extensive training, passion for what we do, and a strong commitment to educating our customers on proper care and maintenance of the marble in their homes is evident in every single job we do.

There is a common misconception that since marble is a stone it does not need any maintenance. The truth is that all marble needs some type of care. Your marble needs depend on where the stone is being used in your home, whether it is on floors, walls, countertops, vanities or shower walls.

Marble is generally a softer and smoother stone, though some marbles are harder than others. Therefore, marble will scratch, etch, and lose its shine and luster in the high traffic areas of your home, such as your bathroom or kitchen, when subjected to acidic spills and if not maintained with the proper cleaning products and methods. its also imperative that you avoid over the counter chemical that can cause permanent damage to your surfaces.

Polished Marble Floors and Countertops
If you have a polished marble floor, wall, countertop, vanity or shower that has become etched, has lost its shine and beauty, then it is time to give us a call. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning can refinish, protect and restore your marble or limestone surfaces back to their original condition. The before and after pictures shown above depict how our polishing service can revitalize your worn out marble.

 Honed Marble Finish
If your home has marble with a matte / honed finish, it too needs proper care and maintenance. Marble with a matte / honed finish should be periodically cleaned and re-sealed by a professional like TLC Carpet Care in Parker CO.

Caring for your all your hard surfaces
At TLC Carpet Care, along with performing marble cleaning, maintenance and restoration services, we also instruct you on the proper care you should use to maintain your home's marble surfaces.

For routine cleaning, we recommend cleaning the surface using a quality, stone-safe, neutral stone cleaner. Visit our Articles page to see other helpful articles.

If your marble becomes scratched or dulled, TLC Carpet Care can polish and restore your marble countertops, vanities or floors back to their original condition.

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