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How to clean Tile and grout cleaning in Castle Rock, CO

It's one of those household cleaning jobs we avoid at all costs, tile and grout cleaning in Castle Rock, CO - not tile cleaning itself, which is straightforward, but the combination of tile and grout, with grout that can get so grubby that we need to avert our eyes every time we look at it and contemplate cleaning it. It's always a temptation to invest in commercial cleaning products designed for tile and grout, but they can be expensive, and how do you know which one to choose? Part of the problem might be that we may have chosen very small tiles, which can, of course, be very attractive. But, more tiles, more grout, and between tile and grout it's the grout that is the challenge. It is, in fact, possible to obtain very large tiles, the largest probably being a new type of porcelain slab which measures about 3 meters by 1.5 meters, thus avoiding the use of large amounts of grout, surely one answer to the problem, provided your bathroom is big enough to accommodate them.

With the tiles we more usually choose for our bathrooms and kitchens, aesthetic considerations aside, we select based on cost and practicality, so we are not likely to have to worry about the tile and grout requirements of tiny mosaic tiles or outsized tiles. Nonetheless, it's not a bad idea to have some common household items on hand for when we can't postpone tile and grout cleaning any longer. Even a simple pencil eraser can be quite effective for removing marks from grout. Baking soda is one household product that has a multitude of uses, from cleaning burnt-out pans to sanitizing sink drains. It can be applied directly to tiled walls or floors which have been dampened a little and left for an hour or so before being scrubbed off carefully, paying close attention to the grout. An old toothbrush works very well at this stage of tile cleaning. Depending on the condition of your tile and grout, and the type of tiles you have, you can make an even more effective household cleaner out of a combination of baking soda and vinegar. After putting baking soda on to the grout, just spray a little vinegar on - it should fizz a little, and after about half an hour you can wipe it clean or scrub with a toothbrush as before.

Sometimes a paste made with baking soda and water (in three parts to one) will make a better agent for cleaning tile and grout, and a stronger mixture still can be made with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Although these are common household items, they won't be suitable for all tiling, so they should be used with caution, or at least by testing an unobtrusive section of tiling first. Similarly, lemon juice can be used to brighten tiles, as can a weak solution of bleach. However, what should be kept in mind for any attempt at tile cleaning, particularly tile and grout cleaning in Castle Rock, CO, as that these household items are inexpensive and easy to use, but if you want a good result, it's always best to consult the professionals who have the expertise and products that will get your tile and grout clean, and let you avoid what can be a rather thankless task!