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How often should I clean my dirty carpets? Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock Co

How often should I clean my dirty carpets? ; Carpet Cleaners Castle Rock

How often should I clean my dirty carpets? Carpet cleaners Castle Rock Co

This is one of the most common questions I get over the years. How often should I clean my carpets? Well first of all TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co has some suggestions that may help you make a more informed decision. Carpet cleaning is not a one size shoe fits all approach.First of all everyone should have there carpets professionally steam cleaned at least once a year, especially those who have brand new carpet. You may say well why? Well your manufactures warrantee will be voided if you don't clean annually. It all begins with activity, other words what's going on with the home. If your a single person who is very thorough with vacuuming your carpets then you probably won't need it as much, however even if your single and you don't clean as much as you should and don't take your shoes off then your going to need to carpet clean with greater frequency. Ah there is the golden rule shoes off. In all my years of carpet cleaning the is always a major difference is the look of a carpet with families who take off there shoes before they come in opposed too those who don't. Families who have kids and especially pets may needs to clean at least twice a year and maybe even get your high traffic areas carpet cleaned quarterly. Seniors may not need cleaning as much having said that if there using walker and wheel chairs this can be hard on carpets so carpet cleaning for them should also be done with more frequency. Also don't wait until your carpet starts to look real dirty by then the nitrogen in the soil will bond with the carpet fibers and this is how carpets can be stained. also another reason to have your carpet professionally steam by TLC Carpet Care is allergies. steam cleaning your carpets can be an effective at removing dust, and allergens that can make your family sick. also tint dust mites can really affect your allergies as well.  TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co understands the value of your carpets and it maybe one of the most high cost items to replace in your homes. Call TLC Carpet Care the carpet cleaning experts in Castle Rock Co Today: 720.314.0178