How To Clean Tile and Grout- Parker CO

How To Clean Tile and Grout- Parker CO

How TO Clean Tile and Grout- Parker CO

TLC Carpet Care in Parker cO provides a variety of Floor Care from Cleaning Ceramic Tile , Porcelain, marble, Natural stone.Depending on the job at hand we may sheet up, this means that we protect anything that need protecting before we start adding moisture to the room.

We then test the tiles to make sure they are ceramic or porcelain, or sometimes we have tested and found they are neither so we always test first.

TLC carpet Care in Parker Co uses a ROTO Vac 360 machine that motor driven that clean uo to 300 spin cycles per minute providing the most cleaning activity that your floors can provide. we use specific formulas that are designed just for your type of floor. This insures you that your floors are cared for properly as well as safely. TLC carpet Care in Parker CO also employs the experts that have the experience and knowledge to give you the best floor cleaning possible. 

So the first thing we do is start by identifying the type of floor that you have and wether or not your floor has been sealed. This will determine what type of cleaner that we will use.

Once we have tested and sheeted up we spray down a pre determined solution that will tackle the job at hand, most of the time we use high ph strippers to break down all that build up of cleaning silution that has been put down by the cleaner for the last year or so. Once sprayed down we use our rotary machine with weights added and use a special brush pad (after testing) this scrubs in the solution and helps break down the soils, it also gets into the grout lines and assists us in cleaning the grout, once scrubbed we manually go over the floor with a grout brush to clean any of the grout we may have missed or the machine could not reach, edges are then scrubbed by hand using a hrad bristled hand brush, the nest step is to rinse the floor using our special gecko wand, this wand allows us to jet hot water onto the floor without making a mess and spraying water everywhere. It has a contained head which is surround by a rubber squeegee to contain the water, it also has a vacuum attached to suck up all the water which then goes straight back to our van out side. Once floor is dried it is inspected for any soils left, if so we clean again. Once thoroughly clean we then (if you have asked for this service) commence sealing the gout with a good quality grout sealer, this makes the floor so much easier to maintain and helps keep the grout looking great for a long time after we are gone.

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