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How To Clean Berber Carpets Before and After Pictures - Highland Ranch CO



How To Clean Berber Carpets Before and After Pictures- Highlands Ranch

People ask me all the time. Kyle does it cost more to clean Berber Carpets and How do you clean them? The truth is that cleaning berber carpets in Highlands Ranch CO is no different from a cleaning process is really no different than cleaning any other fiber or brand. Though Berber carpet is more sensitive to High PH Chemicals the reality is that we use an emulsifier to lower the PH just like any other carpet. As far as cost some companies will try to push up the price but with no real justifiable reason. If you have the right cleaning process then theirs no carpet that can't be cleaned. This job that you see the pic was done with the rotovac 360i which is the best cleaning and extraction tool that the industry has to offer. We Cleaned with a temperatures above 200 degress and a PSI of 500. This job also required an applicatio of Bio-modifier as a result of pet dander. Any time their is bacteria be it urine or pet dander an enzymatic application should always be applied. Dupont Teflon should always be a consideration to to the fibers to protect against spots and stains and oxidation.

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