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How Can I Keep My Carpets Cleaner Longer? : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

How Can I Keep my Carpets Cleaner Longer? : Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO


HI my name Kyle Dillon and I'm the owner of TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co and I've been in the industry for over 25 years. One question I get quite frequently is how can I keep my carpets looking cleaner longer. Wether you have just gotten new carpets or you've just gotten your carpets professionally steam cleaned heres a few tips that can help you keep them cleaner longer.

First, SHOES OFF!!! This tip is huge. taking your shoes off before you come in well be one of the greatest benefits to keeping your carpets cleaner longer. Your shoes carry soils, bacteria, microscopic organisms and thousands of chemicals into your house.

Vacuum FREQUENTLY!! How often depends on the amount of traffic in your home. Seniors or single people may only have to vacuum once a week. Families with Kids and pets may have to vacuum several days of the week. Me personally i vacuum almost daily. 

Using matts to wipe off your feet is helpful.

Dont what till your carpet looks really dirty before calling a professional carpet cleaning company. Soil has nitrogen in it. The longer you wait to remove it the longer it sets in and oxidizes the carpet fibers. If you wait to long your carpets will be permanently stained. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co has several maintaince programs that can help you clean with frequency.

When you get spots clean right away and be careful what spotters you use as the wrong ones can leave your carpets with to high a ph balance. A carpet cleaner like TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co has spotters they can recommend for you.

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