Hers's a Dirty Little Secret About Spot Cleaners For Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Hers's a Dirty Little Secret About Spot Cleaners For Carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Here's a Dirty little Secret About Spot Cleaners For Carpets.

When it comes to your carpets you always want to clean them at least once a year to keep up with your manufactures warrantee. Sometimes in your traffic areas maybe twice a year, but what about the in between times. Eventually your going to experience spots and spills in between carpet cleaning and you may not always have it in your budget to have a carpet cleaning company come out every time. So your gonna need a spot cleaner to hold you over between professional cleanings.

Spot Cleaners, where do you go? Which do you choose? Well I'm gonna tell you a dirty little secret about what after market companies don't want you to know. 

There's a lot of carpet cleaning products in stores that you can buy for cleaning spots and stains in your carpets. Too name a few Resolve, Nature's miracle, Oxy-Clean and many others. Before I go into what's wrong with these carpet Cleaning products let me first tell you what you need to know about what works.

Healthy carpets are about one thing, proper PH. A healthy carpet should have a neutral Ph around 7.5. So when it comes to picking out a spot cleaner you will want a product thats a neutral ph. Ok, there's the problem. None of the products I mentioned earlier label there Ph.Why?  A lot those products there PH is off the charts. Some of them have so much soap your never going to be able to properly rinse the carpets. These products will leave your carpets in a alkaline state and thats not good. So what happens? Well these products more often cover up the stain actually removing and then leaves a residue that just attracts more dirt. Some of these products actually have bleach in them that can permanently change the dye structure in the carpets. Bottom line these so called carpet cleaning products can do more harm than good. 

Now if you've been using the product you'll want to call a professional carpet cleaning company and request an acid rinse to get the products out of your carpets and neutralize your Ph again.

So what do you do next? At TLC Carpet Care we have a product called Avenge. The wonderful thing about this product is it doesn't leave a residue because its PH is neutral and it works. You can call TLC Carpet Care to order this product anytime, 

A side note when using a carpet cleaning spotter. two things two remember. 1)Don't use a towel with dye, use a white terry cloth. 2) Don't scrub to hard you don't want to damage the fibers.

Call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co and order some Avenge. 720.314.0178