Helpful Tips in Cleaning your Rugs Castle Rock CO

Helpful Tips in Cleaning your Rugs Castle Rock CO

Keeping the cleanliness of your area rugs at home is a tough job. Especially cleaning after a spill or stain can cause a rug damage. The important thing is having basic knowledge that will keep you from completely destroying your rug or causing unfixable damage. A lot of these cleaning emergencies can be resolved with everyday household items. Below is a list for some common household items you can use in cleaning your rug effectively.

1. Paper Towels – when faced with a drink spill on your rug, you need to quickly remover the excess liquid from the rug. This is necessary because the longer you wait to extract it, the higher the chances of it seeping
deeper into the rug, will make it difficult for you to clean up. If you are caught by surprise and there are no available sponges, you can use paper towels which will absorb the liquid.

2. Baby Wipes – this is another item which can help you in cleaning your rug. This can help in removing a fresh stain on your rug. Blotting the fresh stain through this can help remove the stain, making it lighter and as well as preventing it from affecting other areas of your rug.

3. White Vinegar –  When you will encounter a lot of food and drink stains and you don’t have any rug stain remover on your hand, get some white vinegar instead and mix a teaspoon of it with a cup of warm water to make a nice, effective cleaning solution. Apply it on to the stain and blot using paper towels to make your carpet clean and stain-free.

In Rug Cleaning, the products you have to use don’t always have to be commercial rug cleaning products. Sometimes, all the materials needed are inside your home. The next time you will encounter a rug-cleaning
emergency, try to use these three household items above to help you solve your problems with ease, if no solutions come, then it's time to contact your local carpet cleaning company. If you want a hassle –free rug cleaning, hire a reliable rug cleaning company - TLC Carpet Care, Castle Rock, CO is always at your service, call us now, 720-314-0178!