Grooming Carpets After Carpet Cleaning- Castle Rock CO

Grooming Carpets After Carpet Cleaning- Castle Rock CO


Grooming Carpets ater Carpet Cleaning - Castle Rock CO


Carpet grooming is done for a variety of reasons.  Most commonly done by a carpet cleaner after a cleaning, carpet grooming resets the nap back to it’s original state and helps speed the dry time.  A carpet cleaner may also use a carpet brush or a rake to loosen soils during a cleaning, or to apply a cleaning agent during a carpet cleaning.   Simply put, carpet grooming manipulates the nap or lay of your carpet fibers.

Grooming carpets also will make the carpet very plush and this will help with air flow. It's important that you try to avoid walking on carpets as this will Matt down the carpets. Grooming will also help remove pet hair out of the carpets especially when using a nylon brush.

If you have a low pile nylon Berber with a design or pattern grooming may not be recommended.

Grooming maybe part of the cleaning during the cleaning process grooming may also be apart of the agitation process during prespraying procedures.

Should you be doing it in between professional cleaning?  Possibly, here’s why:

Regular carpet grooming can extend the life and look of your carpet.  Using a carpet rake or a carpet brush on a regular basis keeps the fibers from matting down, eliminating the look of traffic patterns.  Typically done before or after vacuuming, carpet grooming is a great chore for kids.  Or it can be a good work-out for you, as it does involve a bit of muscle.  It simply involves running the carpet brush or rake over your carpet fibers.  If done prior to vacuuming, carpet grooming can help loosen soil and pet hair making for a more thorough cleaning.  Grooming after vacuuming can eliminate the lines that a vacuum cleaner leaves on your floors.

Keep in mind that if you already have heavy wear patterns, carpet grooming will probably not revers them but it can keep them from getting worse.

Carpet grooming is done with a carpet rake or a carpet brush.  Which do you need?  A carpet brush, pictured, is a soft and dense style bristle brush used for carpet grooming a low-pile carpet nap.  A carpet rake is similar to a carpet brush, however it typically has fewer bristles but they are longer and more firm.  A carpet rake is used to groom more of a shag-style, longer nap carpet.  Both can be purchased at a local janitorial supply company or on-line.

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