Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Restoration services- Highlands Ranch CO

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Restoration services- Highlands Ranch CO

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Restoration Services- Highland Ranch CO




When should a home or business owner consider fire restoration services In Highlands ranch CO?

In the aftermath of a disaster, it can be difficult for home or business owners to get their bearings. Before long, though, the shock will wear off and reality will begin to set in. It’s not easy recovering when a building is ravaged by open flames. However, most people are just worried about cleaning up the visible debris, discounting the major problems that ash and soot can cause. If the home or business owner doesn’t act within a day or two of the disaster, residue ash  can quickly cause permanent damage. 

What will happen to a building if fire restoration services are not immediate?

Ash is highly acidic and prone to dispersing through the air when it is disturbed, which is can be as easy as simply breathing on it. When swept up into the air, the building’s climate control system will pick it up and blanket entire rooms, making it much more difficult to get rid of. Because it is acidic, it will eat away at a number of materials if it sits for long, especially glass, metal and drywall. 

Within a couple days, ash  can permanently etch glass, including windows, weakening them considerably and forcing replacement. During this time, any drywall covered in ash  can permanently discolor, turning to a sickly yellow and becoming a major eyesore. After a couple weeks, ash will corrode metals, which can result in water leaks or other expensive problems. 

And ash is not just a risk to the building. It can also irritate lungs, throats and eyes, resulting in breathing difficulty, coughing, sneezing and general discomfort. This is particularly troublesome for children with asthma, as the ash can trigger an attack.

How TLC Carpet Care in Highlands Ranch  performs fire restoration services?

Most of the effort technicians put into the restoration are spent on cleaning up the building. A thorough cleanup is the only way to completely rid the building of ash and debris, so the work is labor intensive. Technicians will first inspect the property to gauge where cleanup is needed the most and start there, working over every surface that may have been affected by the disaster. Professionals use special agents that are designed to neutralize ash and smoke, and apply them to walls, ceilings, countertops, furniture, and anything else that may be under siege by damaging ash and soot.

Smoke odors are another issue that needs to be dealt with as it can seep through walls and deposit on inaccessible areas. To deal with this, professionals sometimes employ thermal foggers, which are machines that release clouds of odor-neutralizing particles. These particles can go anywhere the smoke goes, wiping them out in spots that are out of reach. 

Why should home and business owners consider certified professionals first?

It takes a lot of technical skill to effectively clean up the damage left behind by a disaster, and the best way for a technician to acquire this skill is by attaining certification. There is little time to waste when looking for a professional to clean up the damage, and certification can provide an effective shorthand method in tracking one down.

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