We all have that favorite room in our homeusually with our favorite or most comfortable pieces of upholstery.

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock knows upholstery and how to properly clean the finest materials. 


Upholstery isn’t cheap to replace and also you may possibly possess a sofa or piece of furniture which is very comfortable and worth or will be the favorite thing you’ve got ever owned and you do not desire to replace with it.

The point  is the fact that your sofas and chairs gets made use of ever day and between age, spills, wear and tear as well as the environment, your sofa can turn out to be stained, faded, fiber break down and dull.

Having TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock CO clean your  sofas and chairs at least once a year keeps your favorite chair searching like new, maintains the decor of the household and is much better for your air top qualityalso.

Removes Allergens
couches, sofas, and chairs and all fabrics act as filters for indoor air; they trap debris, dirt and airborne particles. 
If the upholstery doesn’t get frequent at least once a year, it becomes a food supply for micro organisms, dust mites and bacteria which can end up affecting the family members occupying that area.

TLC Carpet care's tech and Upholstery cleaning ensures all these particle are removed from the furniture and disinfected

Maintains the Look of the Upholstery
Frequent upholstery steaming and shampooing are great ways of maintaining furnishings newer longer. Some spots and spills might stain and be tough to remove after employing other frequent solutions. Cleaning your fabrics transforms your worn-out and faded, dirty looking furniture back to like-new situations.

Clean, Fresh-smelling Furniture
Most upholstery reabsorb negative smells from their cats and dogs. If you’ve been a smoker or have kept some pets inside the home they can release dander that can get trapped into the fibersyou may have noticed some funny smells and odors which might be difficult to removeUsing air fresheners or scented cleaning products only assists in covering up these odors in lieu of take away them. TLC Carpet Care and Upholstering cleaning in Castle Rock Co is an powerful way of removing odor hence making sure fresh smell

Our 11 Step Upholstery cleaning  Restores Your Upholstery to Like New Condition
Inspecting : Right here TLC Carpet Care's technician performs unique tests so as to identify the fabric’s content material
Location Preparation: This entails preparation from the area where sofa and chair  cleaning might be done so as to safeguard the surrounding furnishings
Pre-Vacuum: All upholstery 
must be completely vacuumed ahead of cleaning
Based around the upholstery fibers, a unique substance is applied for the fabric to emulsify the soil
Pre-Spottng: Spots 
that are tough get pre-treated so as to enhance the removal chancesThat is completedmaking use of a specific option
Pre-Grooming: Here, the fabric is gently groomed having a soft upholstery brush to loosen the soil additional
Soil Extraction and Rinse Ageants: The soil is extracted in the fabric with controlled rinse
Neutralization of Fabrics: The fabric is PH-balanced 
in an effort to retain a fresh and soft really feel
Post- Rinsing Removal: All remaining stains get special acid rinse making use of stain options
Post -Grooming: The upholstery is then prepared to dry
Post Inspection: Right here the upholstery cleaning technician reviews the cleaning benefits to ensure that the customers expectation has been met
Frequent cleaning of your furniture is definitely the most important aspect in prolonging the lifespan of upholstered furnishingsNumerous of our consumers schedule their furnishings to become cleaned in the course ofcertainly one of their routinely scheduled carpet cleaning services.

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