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Dupont Teflon Carpet Protecter: Carpet Cleaning-Parker CO

Dupont Teflon Carpet Protecter: Carpet Cleaning-Parker CO 


Dupont Carpet Protecter is a product that we at TLC Carpet Care Use to help are clients keep their carpets cleaning longer. As a consumer your making a reasonable investment to get your carpets cleaned, but what about tomorrow? Thats to say dont you want your carpets to stay cleaner longer. With just a little more investment we can help your monet go further by appliing a carpet protecter. Dupont Teflon is one of the leading products out their. Applied ProtectionIt is almost not possible to buy any new carpet without the need of some type of protector technology. But did you realize that this valuable finish wears off the carpet and demands to become reapplied? TLC Carpet Care can look after reapplying that carpet protection. As an authorized applicator of Scotchgard Protector from 3M and DuPont Teflon, we provide carpet stain protection and possess the capability to assist your carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer saving you money. We invite you to click on the item label to discover much more information about either solution.Scotchgard™ Protector DuPont TeflonLately furniture retailers in parker quoted my wife double what TLC charges to get a qualified application of soil and stain protection. Did you understand it is actually practically not possible to purchase new carpet anyplace inside the world without some type of protector technology? 

Also don"t forget to have all your upholstery and area rugs properly protected. Dupont Teflon has a special formula just for wool. Call a TLC Expert and get a quote.

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