Differences Between Truckmounts Vs Portable Steam Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning - Highlands Ranch CO

Differences Between Truckmounts Vs Portable Steam Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning - Highlands Ranch CO

Differences Between Truckmounts Vs Portable Steam Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning- Highlands Ranch CO

At TLC Carpet Care in Highlands Ranch Co we offer the best cleaning technology for carpet cleaning that the industry has to offer. Tlc Carpet Care offers Prochem Technology  for Truckmount Cleaning. Truck mount vs Commercial portables the difference isn't close. truckmounts will always give you higher psi, better heat, and much better vac lift which intern makes Truckmounts far superior to that of any cleaning portable systems.

Even the most powerful portables made are limited to the amount of power or electricity they can draw from your home. That's right...they are using YOUR ELECTRICITY to run. They typically also use YOUR WATER, and dump the waste water in YOUR TOILET. The most sophisticated portables have 2 power chords in order to harness more power, but still cannot compete with the raw power of a truckmount. There is ALWAYS a choice that has to be made when designing a portable....do you want HEAT, WATER PRESSURE or VACUUM PRESSURE? There is not enough power to provide peak levels of all three. 

REGARDING Carpet Cleaning  HEAT - Many portables are not heated at all. They rely on hot tap water from the property they are cleaning. By the time that water reaches your carpet, you're lucky if it's warm. High Powered portables may offer a 2000 watt onboard heater. Most blow dryers you use on your hair have comparable wattage! Again, they CANNOT compete with a truckmounted unit. HEAT CLEANS!! 

REGARDING Carpet Cleaning  VACUUM PRESSURE - Portables use a single 1.5 inch vacuum hose while truckmounts use 2 or 2.5 inch hoses and many have the ability to power 2 separate hoses at the same time! Again...advantage TRUCKMOUNT. A portable CANNOT produce anywhere near the vacuum pressure of a truckmount. That's why they are forced to use smaller diameter hoses to help make up for the reduced power. VACUUM PRESSURE DRIES YOUR CARPETS!! 

REGARDING Carpet Cleaning  WATER PRESSURE - Portables average 100-200psi of water pressure. Some high powered portables can approach 500-1200psi but are forced to sacrifice HEAT and VACUUM PRESSURE. These high-pressured portables are typically designed for tile and grout cleaning. Truckmounts easily produce 800-1200psi if needed. Keep in mind if the unit's vacuum pressure cannot keep up with the water delivery, the result is WET CARPET! A common portable machine has 100 psi water pressure, no heater and a single vacuum unit at a cost of $1000-1500 new. Truckmount units start at around 10 times that cost without the van. Ask yourself this --- Wouldn't we all use portables if they could produce the same results as a truckmount at a cost 10 times less?? 

REGARDING Carpet Cleaning  TRUCKMOUNTS - There are essentially 2 types of truckmounted carpet cleaners. Slide-ins & Direct Drive Units. Slide-in units have their own motor independent of the van that typically range from 10-25 horsepower. The largest units may have 30hp. DIRECT DRIVE Units (like the one Ripley Services uses) are powered by the Van's engine and transmission which provides 300+ horsepower. ADVANTAGE = Direct Drive! Of course the direct drive units are substantially more expensive up front! 

In the end, the choice of equipment is most often dictated by BUDGET NOT RESULTS. RIPLEY SERVICES (www.RipleyServices.com) chose to make the up front investment in the most sophisticated and powerful equipment available so that we can provide the best results possible to our customers.

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