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When a home or business owner hires carpet cleaning companies to treat their floors, they should expect the technicians to be trained, certified, and skilled. Unfortunately, there is often no way to know if a professional has the ability to do a proper job. For this reason, a home or business owner should only hire technicians who have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. The IICRC is the largest and most respected organization in the industry, with over 50,000 certified technicians and firms. Any professional who has passed IICRC coursework is up to date in their field and capable of performing excellent service.This is because the IICRC is responsible for maintaining best practices in the carpet cleaning industry. Certified companies must uphold these standards while providing service for any client. If they don’t, they risk losing their IICRC Certified Firm standing, in addition to their good name and clientele. IICRC standards address the most efficient methods of soil extraction, suspension and removal, grooming and drying. The standards also address the proper absorbent compounds and pads to use, as well as the best machines for dry foaming, shampooing, and steaming. These methods and technologies are used by carpet cleaning companies around the world, so their technicians should be up to date with best practices. Only certification through the IICRC can ensure a professional has this extensive knowledge.Professionals that are certified through the IICRC have passed one or more classes offered by IICRC approved experts. All instructors are respected members of the industry and have years or decades of experience. During instruction, this expertise is passed down to other technicians, who can apply their newfound knowledge to their work. Consumers benefit most of all, because they can trust a certified professional to do the job right.Carpet cleaning companies are an important partner in the fight against health hazards. Regular treatment of carpet is needed to prevent airborne pollutants from becoming a problem. People with respiratory conditions, like asthma, or allergies are susceptible to dust and pet dander. A skilled technician can rid the home of these contaminants, making the air safer to breath. IICRC certified technicians many times offer multiple services, like treating upholstery, eliminating mold, or restoring fire or water damage. The IICRC can certify technicians in dozens of fields, and offers advanced designations for professionals who pass multiple courses in a related track.

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