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Cleaning Granite, Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to Granite or carpet cleaning the choice is easy TLC Carpet Care in Highlands Ranch CO is a 5 star company that has the experience and knowledge to properly clean all your floors from carpets to tile and grout and granite surfaces as well. Below are just a few tips on how to properly clean Granite. Make sure after cleaning that you properly seal your stone to insure its protection and beauty for years to come.

  1. Vacuum (floors)
    Vacuum the floor to remove loose dust and grit from the surface. Broom cleaning as well as dusters.
  2. Damp clean / wipe
    Clean using a microfibre mop or cloth dampened with warm water (no chemicals are necessary when using good-quality microfibre, as the fabric is 99.9% antibacterial which is a much better result than can be achieved with most cleaning chemicals available). Don't over wet.
    If you have smooth granite, use a flat microfibre mop or smooth-surface cloth. If your granite is textured, use a microfibre string mop or a rougher microfibre cloth which can more easily enter the texture of the tile. The microfibre will ‘grab’ the surface and lift off most daily grime. Use some pressure to work the microfibre – floating it lightly over the surface will not be so productive!
  3. Spot clean - floors
    Spot clean any spills, marks or stains using a neutral pH chemical such as Slique Cleansing Fluid. After spot cleaning, rinse the surface lightly with clean water. Don't use cleaners that maybe over acidic.

    Spot clean - benchtops
    Use a special benchtop cleaning spray every few weeks to bring your benchtop up to a great shine - for benchtops that haven't been sealed, use Daily Benchtop Cleaner, or if the granite has been sealed a Benchtop Cleaner and Sealer product will also maintain the sealer. sealing insures that things stay clean.
  4. Dry
    DO NOT leave to dry naturally – dry using an old towel or a clean, dry mop. Lighter-coloured granite in particular will discolour when it soaks up water. To avoid this, make sure to dry the granite thoroughly with a clean cloth. The colour will return to normal once the surface is completely dry. you can also use fans to assist on dry time.
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