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Steam Cleaning Cat Urine Out Of Carpets in Castle Rock,Co

Cleaning Cat Urine Out Of Carpets in Castle Rock,Co

Hi everyone its me Kyle with TLC Carpet Care to talk to you today about how to remove Cat urine from your carperts. Normally cat urine is so high in PH, even though urine is an acidity is has an alkalizing effect on the carpet. This is why the carpet turns yellow.This makes for two problems. First your dealing with the stain and then dealing with bacteriafrom the urine. Carpet cleaners have go go about this with duo approach. Cleaning cat urine alonebe enough. After cleaning we would be using a product called Urine Stain Remover. This is a peroxidebased acidity that is time released so it slowly bleaches out the stain without compromising the originaldye structere. Next enzumes are applied to digest all bacetria properties in the carpet. This will cause a die off in which the urine releases amonia gases in the air. So it will actually get worse before it gets better.In some cases water claws are used to get urine out of padding, or injections maybe used.I hope this has been helpful. If you have any other questions about Cleaning Cat Urine from Carpets in Castle Rock,Co. Feel Free to give us a call.

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