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Citrus Solve for Carpet Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

Citrus Solve for Carpet Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

Hi guys its Kyle with TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock. Just wanted to share a product that TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock use for carpet cleaning. Its called citrus Solve and its what everyone raving about. Citrus Solve is becoming a new standard in the carpet cleaning industry.

Citrus Solve is a must. Its used as a pretreatment  and cuts thru the most soiled carpets out there. What we do is add it to our perspire insuring that every square inch as been properly treated.It is also extremely effective in breaking up oils and grease. one of its hidden secret is removing gum. How many time have you struggled removing gum from your carpets. Well don't fret TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co carries citrus solve on our trucks daily. Last but not least is the added benefit of the wonderful aroma that the citrus leaves in your carpets giving your carpet cleaning experience a pleasant one. 

TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock CO also has chemicals for rust, dye,wax,furniture stains, water stains, kool aid stains, animal urine, and many other problems that can occur. We also provide you with the safest pretreatments that is available. Our chemicals are bio degradable and safe for all pets and family members. On family member you may want to protect is birds. if you have a family bird in your home be sure to remove the as they are more sensitive to solvents. Also keeping dogs and cats of the carpets during the drying process helps avoid resoiling.

For the ultimate carpet cleaning experience in Castle rock Co call TLC carpet Care today. 720.314.0178 You can also visit their website at