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Citrus Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning - Parker CO





Citrus Cleaning For Carpet Cleaning- Parker CO


100% Active for Extra Cleaning Power!
Degreaser Concentrate, Spotter, Additive

TLC Carpet Care in Parker Co has a variety of carpet cleaning chemicals. Thou their are many the one we are most proud of is the Citrus Solve Carpet Cleaner. This is one extraordinary cleaner. It has many benefits such as it is a vivid color brighter as well as a degreaser. It also removes gum and other adhesives. It also can be added as a parent of the pre-spray to boost your over all cleaning experience. Most important as well it does not raise the carpets ph level. TLC Carpet Care in Parker CO is proud to offer this very reliable product.

Our most effective, best selling additive.  Citrus Solv is a must whenever you face the toughest cleaning situations.  Made from citrus solvents, Citrus Solv is 100% active!  That means no carriers or fillers, just the most powerful citrus solvent cleaning additive on the market!

This is the closest thing to a miracle chemical.  Use Citrus Solv as an additive to pre-sprays at just 1 to 2 oz. per diluted gallon to cut through the worst greasy, oily soils and avoid re-spraying or over scrubbing and over wetting traffic lanes.  Add it to your presprays or emulsifiers (use only in solvent resistant equipment) to make them more effective.

Because Bridgepoint Citrus Solv has d-Limonene, it deodorizes AND gives you a tremendous cleaning boost.

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