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Carpet Streching and Repair- Castle Rock CO


Carpet Stretching and Repair- Castle Rock



Carpet stretching is a common form of repair that many cleaning companies offer as a part of their service package. It is typically employed when flooring is starting to ripple or bunch up in the home. Small ripples are not usually caused by normal wear, but may occur when sliding around heavy furniture or when a floor is subjected to a great deal of foot traffic. Mistakes during installation or manufacturing may also result in small flaws like these appearing. While slight rippling may not seem like a major cause for concern, it will result in more extensive rippling if it is not dealt with immediately. If not repaired soon enough, the flooring may need to be replaced completely. Replacement, though, is almost never required when minor rippling shows up. Carpet stretching can solve the vast majority of these issues at a low expense. The only time the flooring may need to be replaced is if it is installed or manufactured poorly. For instance, if the company that sells the carpet matches up the wrong padding and carpet piles together, replacement of the pad and relaying may be required. If rippling is caused by normal wear or minor defects, this form of repair is usually all that’s needed.In general, carpet stretching is an easy repair task that most qualified technicians can perform. It consists of pulling up the ends of the flooring and stretching it until it is taut. Once it is pulled out, the technician will cut away any excess and put it back in place. Professionals will then secure it so that it resists future relaxation. This process can repair slight rippling or extensive bunching, as long as there are no other major repairs needed.For a company to perform proper carpet stretching, it will need several tools. No repair job is possible without a slotted blade knife. This tool will allow the technician to separate the flooring around the edges, making it possible to pull. An awl and hammer can also help separate the pile from the tack strip. An industrial staple gun is typically used to secure the flooring back in place and is an important tool for this process. The most important tool, though, is the power stretcher. This device is secured against a wall and consists of a long pole with a gripping surface on one end. The pole is laid flat and the operator pumps a lever to push the flooring and remove any wrinkles. This device can exert much more force than a person can alone, so it is essential. A knee stretcher, or kicker, is a smaller version of this device, and is typically used to finish off the job.While some avid do it yourselfers may try to do this repair on their own, it’s better to call a certified professional and have them do the carpet stretching. Mistakes made during the process can result in permanent damage to the carpeting or an injury, which can both be costly. Certified professionals can repair the flooring in this way quickly and thoroughly, restoring it to its original state

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