Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines- Castle Rock CO

Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines- Castle Rock CO

Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines- CASTLE ROCK CO

The choice of carpet steam cleaning machines range from the do it yourself carpet cleaning rental machine that uses hot water from the tap, to the professional truck mounted steam cleaning machine, and everything in between.


The carpet cleaning method utilizing these machines is commonly known as steam cleaning. This method should be more accurately named hot water extraction.

Except for some of the "fire breathing" professional truck mounted steam cleaning machines, the temperature of the carpet cleaning solution doesn't approach true steam. 

Is the cleaning power of these steam cleaning machines in the steam itself or do all these hot water extraction type of machines produce similar results? 

Any professional carpet cleaner that uses a steam cleaning machine knows that higher temperatures produce better cleaning results. Grease and oil based soil is easier to remove with hotter temperatures. 

From a business standpoint, the higher temperatures produced by a steam cleaning machine mean faster cleaning times which translates to lower labor costs and ultimately more profit.

But, before you invest in a professional carpet cleaning machine or abandon your carpet cleaning machine that doesn't produce heat, remember the acronym which stands for temperature, agitation, chemical, and time.

Temperature, agitation, chemical and time are all fundamentals of the cleaning pie. In theory, each of these four fundamentals contribute equally to achieve maximum soil suspension and removal. 

Utilizing a carpet steam cleaning machine can give temperature a bigger slice of the cleaning pie. But it's not just about higher temperatures. Higher temperature in itself will not solve all carpet cleaning challenges. 

Granted, plain water at a high temperature will clean better than cold plain water, but no matter how hot the water, the cleaning results will not be impressive unless a cleaning chemical is introduced.

A cleaning product is needed for soil suspension and removal. Increasing cleaning solution temperature, agitating the carpet cleaning product and allowing the cleaner time to dwell will produce the best cleaning results.

The bottom line is, the cleaning results depend most on the cleaning product used. The majority of carpet cleaning products will work best at a higher temperature, with agitation and adequate dwell time. 

However, TLC CARPET CARE will also work at a colder temperature without agitation or dwell time.

Without question, the higher temperatures produced by a carpet steam cleaning machine in conjunction with a healthier cleaning product will speed up the cleaning process and produce the best cleaning results. 

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