Carpet Ripples and Buckling: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Carpet Ripples and Buckling: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Carpet stretching

Do you have carpets with unsightly buckling, rippling, or creases?Carpets seem to loosen with age and have tendencies do start showing these unsightly conditions. One day they are fresh and new and then a year or so later they have seem loose and it gets worse when you have your carpets professionally steam cleaned. What is this  happening? Is that normal, is there anything I can do about it?

TLC Carpet Care In Castle Rock Co has the explanation. 

“There are three main reasons carpet can become loose and develop ripples:

 First, is poor installation. Builders of new homes sub out all there carpet installation and these crews come in with just knee kickers and don't use carpet installation that involves power stretching of a carpet, pulling it drum-tight from wall to wall. TLC Carpet Care In Castle Rock Co has the power stretchers  power stretchers to do the job right the first time. Most carpet installation crews rely solely on knee kickers and knee kickers alone are not designed to stretch the carpet, especially thick nylon carpets. There basically just laying down on the tack strip. So the carpet appears to be well-stretched, but as time goes on eventually it begins to loosen and develop bucking especially where a lot of activity take place. Ss you walk across it, run on it, move  very heavy furniture around and  your once flat carpeting quickly gets rippled and looks loose. Call for all your carpet stretching needs there is one company you can trust TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co

 “Tack-strips can also  come loose. Then you problem is gets worse quick. that is another cause of carpets becoming loose. TLC can install new tack strips and re-stretch the carpet.

Another reason for carpet buckles over time is temperature and humidity weather conditions. When you leave your home for an extended period of time do you leave with the A/C or heat to high??  This over time can cause buckling problems as well. The heat  and humidity builds up inside your home, ‘relaxing’ your carpet, making it wrinkle and ripple. We recommend leaving you’re temperature at 70 degrees year around. 

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