Carpet Repair: Carpet Cleaning-Parker CO

Carpet Repair: Carpet Cleaning-Parker CO

Carpet Repair: Carpet Cleaning Parker CO

Are there rooms in your carpet that are unsalvageable? Did a tear, burn mark or bleach stain permanently mark your carpet? Is your carpet wrinkled and frayed at the edges? Are you seeing buckling that needs to be restreched?

TLC Carpet Care in Parker CO has the carpet repair expertise that will correct your problem making your carpet looking brand new all over again.

You meet our top quality carpet repair service technician. Carpet repairs that are done incorrectly will show on your carpet and make your carpet look uneven. When re-installing the carpet, it should also be properly laid. Otherwise, the rippled area will become a safety hazard, causing people to trip and stumble.This will also cause the latex in the backing that will eventually compromise. This continuous trauma to your carpet also subjects it to unnecessary wear and tear.

Carpet Repair

TLC Carpet Care in Parker has a team of carpet repair specialists who will provide the experience needed to repair and re-install your carpet. We have developed our expertise from years of experience in the cleaning industry.

We will cut out the damaged area and replace it with your spare carpet. If you don’t have any excess carpet, we can take some from an inconspicuous area such as underneath large furniture or in a closet. We then re-install your carpet, being careful to do this exactly and paying attention to every detail.

Our professional carpet technicians observe the utmost precision and care in their work and our customers have been more than satisfied with our immaculate and smooth results.


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