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Carpet Cleaning for Indoor Air Quality: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning For Indoor Air Quality: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co


When it comes to indoor air quality rarely do we think about carpet cleaning, but thats one of the very first things you really should consider. Why indoor air quality is a significant home health concern because the average house about 100,000 bacteria in it for every square foot of carpet. Your carpets is nothing but a giant filter that can collect everything from dust, soil, pollens, fungus, urine and other organic bacterias. As bacteria gets trapped in your carpet up, the bacteria seeping in your carpets gets stirred up and circulates in the air your family members are is all this bacteria unless you call a carpet cleaner to clean it. TLC Carpet Care in Castle rock Co is a  carpet cleaning company that is not only experienced at removing the bacteria from the carpets we clean, but TLC also greatly improves the air quality in your air ducts as a result. Some professional air quality research has concluded  that, when adding carpet cleaning sanitizers to our steam carpet cleaning process, we removed an average of 90% of the bacteria trapped in your carpets.


 At TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co, we want your family members to have a healthy indoor air quality environment so you can breathe easier in your your home and every day life. Whether you’re just looking to hire a carpet cleaner in Castle Rock Co or to have your family from these pollens and organic bacteria removed TLC Carpet Care is dedicated to the health and cleanliness of your carpets. Because TLC Carpet Care cleans for your health like no one other carpet cleaning company you can be assured that TLC will do the very best job for you. 

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