Carpet Cleaning To Remove Food Stains from carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning To Remove Food Stains from carpets: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning to Remove Food Stains from Carpets 

Food & Drink stains are the most common stains spilled by family members and its just not the kids, its moms coffee and dads beer.. TLC Carpet care in Castle Rock Co has the carpet cleaning technology to eliminate the stains and make your carpets look spot and stain free. Our expert techs , along with proven carpet cleaning chemicals and steam cleaners, ensures the most effective methods for proper spot and stain removal. TLC removes all the common household spills from : Coffee, Juice, hot Chocolate, Coke, Pepsi Cola, Tea, OR Fruit drinks, gelatin, red and white wine, and fruit juice.

Pet Stains Removal Services

We use  professional truck mount technology that ha a two-part system with pre-sprays specially for removing food and drink stains such as Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Fruit punch, Candy, Cough syrup; and other products containing food and beverage dyes. As well as rust and shoe polish.

Using safe and environmentally friendly products such as our enzyme, oxidization solutions or heat transfer along with revolutionary tools such as the RotoVac 360I, Moisture Sensors, Energizer Light, we rinse v& permanently remove he stains and correct ph factors from the deep down carpet  fiber. 

All stains and substance are thoroughly rinsed and flushed out of the carpets with our acid rinse solutions. Stains which are once gone forever and never come back. If they come back, so do we, no extra charge, this is our service guarantee  to all our customers , family and friends in Castle Rock Co.

No matter what the problem, we have carpet cleaning answers:

Things TLC carpet care can remove: beer, Baby milk , Beer, Blood Ph stains, Candies, Catsup, Chinese Food, Chocolate Milk, Citrus, Clay, dirt and soil, , Cranberry Juice, Colored Markers, Food Stains, Fruit Juice, Fruit Punch, Furniture Polish,  Shoe Polish Grape Juice, orange juice, Graphite, Ice Cream, Yogurt,  Jelly, Latex Paint, Liquor, Milk, Soil, Soft Drinks, Syrup, Tomato Juice, Water and dye Colors, Watermelon, liquor , Red and White Wine, Vomit and pets stains.

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