Carpet Cleaning To Remove Bugs- Castle Rock CO

Carpet Cleaning To Remove Bugs- Castle Rock CO

Carpet Cleaning To Remove Bugs- Castle Rock CO


Choosing quality carpet and keeping it clean

What could be your worst carpet fear? Carpet Bugs! Carpet bugs are found on the side, under the rims of the carpet. Larvae of these carpet eating bugs gnaw uneven holes in carpets and rugs. These bugs eat animal fibers and dead organic matter such as hair, fur and even carcasses of smaller rodents. Once these carpet bugs infest your carpet, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of them. If you have pets and kids at home you cannot even use pesticides to get rid of these carpet bugs as pesticides are very harmful for your loved ones. Carpet bugs are the most irritating pests and they destroy any carpet utterly.

carpet eating bug on floorSo how do you take care of your carpet? With these carpet bugs breeding at a very fast pace it virtually becomes impossible to eliminate these completely. There will always be some traces of larvae left on your carpet. What you should do is to is to vacuum your carpet very regularly. This ensures that there are no leftover food particles, fur, hair or any other organic remains. If you do want to use pesticides, then it becomes all the more difficult to get rid of these bugs and their larvae completely.

In such an event, hiring a professional  such as TLC to clean your carpets and rid them of these bugs becomes a good idea. Professionals will ensure that they use the best products and chemicals to clean your carpet. The result is a clean carpet free from carpet eating bugs. These services also treat your carpet with special chemicals that do not allow the larvae to breed in the carpet. The result is a carpet free from carpet eating bugs. 

The guys at TLC Carpet Care have many years of carpet cleaning and maintenance experience. For a long time now they have served the suburbs around Castle Rock and are available just a phone call away. Getting in touch with them is not only easy but also saves you a lot of money by utilizing their services.

So if carpet eating bugs have become a nightmare for you, do not worry. Keep your carpet clean in the right way.

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