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Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

When it comes to dirty carpets, you think stains. Stains, the multitude over different stains are countless. At TLC Carpet care in Castle Rock co the most common question I get is what do you use to get out stains from my carpets. The answer is just not so simple because every type of stain has a chemical make up just like every finger print is different. So the answer is what kind of stain are we dealing with? I would like to share with you the most common stains we run into and the carpet cleaning treatments we use tp remove them.

The most common pre-spray we use is an enzyme application thats designed to break up soils and oils and other pollens and organic materials. This is the absolute safest carpet cleaning pre-spray for your family and pets.

Speaking of pets most of our furry family members will have accidents now and then. In these cases we use a special Bio-Modifier design to digest all bacteria in the carpets. These stains also can alter the carpets ph so we all use a Urine Stain Remover to correct any discoloration.

Another common stain is coffee and tea spills. These also are challenging because of how it affects ph so we use acidities to reverse the stain. Most all other beverage stains come out with regular carpet cleanings.

Rust stains also require special treatments and we have a specially designed T-rust remover for these stains that we have a very high success rate with.

Their are many things that can be permanently damage your carpets. be very careful with things that have dyes. Food and beverages with dye like kool-aid and gatorade. Careful with makeup and eye liners, shoe polishes, paints, burns, bleach and furniture bleeds.

If you have a question about a type of stain call TLC Carpet Care Today. 720.314.0178