Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Process: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock CO

TLC Carpet Care has been providing high quality residential and commercial carpet cleaning services fro Castle Rock Co since 2001. Our professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians are experienced, IICRC certified, uniformed, courteous, prompt, and insured. We are very careful who we send to your house or commercial property..

TLC Carpet Care utilizes ProChems state of the art truckmounts  which is recommended by many of the leading carpet manufacturers in the United States such as Shaw Industries the largest. This Steam Carpet Cleaning heats water to just the right temperature over 200 degrees yet it doesn't harm  delicate carpet fibers. A gentle, but effective, cleaning enzymes  and pre-softened water-vapor loosens dirt and soils.

All truck-mount carpet cleaning equipment operates outside in our vans, and only the hoses and cleaning wands enter your house or commercial property. There's no bulky portables to mar your walls and furniture, and the carpet cleaning process is quiet. We bring our own treated water softener and take away all soil and waste water.

Thorough extraction assures sparkling-clean, residue-free low ph carpets. The carpet cleaning enzymes is extracted  to the truck through a sealed hose so there is no danger of spillage in your home. We do not use your disposal facilities and we never pump dirty water onto your lawn, driveway, or the street in front of your home.

Moist air is vented outside your home so excess humidity and odors do not permeate your furnishings. Carpets dry fast, look fresh, colors are brightened and the original texture is restored.

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