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Carpet Cleaning Facts That You Should Know: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Facts That You Should Know: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Most families on average have their carpets professionally carpet cleaning every two years. Fact: The manufactures warrantee will be voided if you don't have your carpet professionally cleaned very year.

Leaving Dirt and oils in you're carpet will permanently damage your carpets. Fact; dirt is abrasive its like sand paper filling you're vacuum cleaner with fibers. Soil also has nitrogen in it. As you allow it to stay in your carpets they bond to  the yarn and the fibers become oxidized and this how carpet fibers become permanently stained.

Fact Allergies affect millions of Americans every year. These pollens and organic biologicals get trapped in your carpets. You carpets act like a filter collect the very thing that exacerbates your symptoms.

Fact our family pets do have accidents wether urine or stool they will cause damage to the carpets. Urine and stool is bacteria that can not just get in the carpet fibers but also get far down into the backing. Fact these bacterias can let off ammonia gasses into the air causing unpleasant odors and eventually having a negative affect on your health.

Fact: Frequent vacuuming does hep but in itself is not enough to thoroughly clean your carpets. Having you carpet professionally steam cleaned on an annual bases will go along way to preventing and managing these problems.

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