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Carpet Cleaning Experts: Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Experts: Castle Rock Co

When it comes to finding a carpet cleaning experts in Castle Rock Co you should consider a few thing to make sure that your getting the best carpet cleaning experts to take care of all your carpet cleaning needs. First begin with the company itself making sure the company has been in business for an appropriate amount of time. TLC Carpet Care has been serving the Castle Rock and Douglas County surrounding are since 2002. The owner of TLC Carpet Care, Kyle Dillon has been in carpet cleaning industry since 1990.

When it comes to finding a carpet cleaning expert you should know about the cleaning process and the equipment technology that they have. TLC Carpet Care uses steam cleaning process and uses Prochem truckmount technology. Prochem sets the standard for the carpet cleaning industry as the best cleaning technology thats available. TLC also uses the safest and most effective carpet cleaning solution that assures you that you not only be hiring carpet cleaning experts but that you are also getting the safest cleaning process possible.

Last but not least the carpet cleaning tech. Many companies will tell how many years they have been in buisness but thats they won't tell you how long the tech has been working their. The sad reality is their is a very quick turnover in the carpet cleaning industry. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co only hires experienced techs, some who have even owned their own companies. 

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