Carpet Cleaning Choices: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning Choices: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Why TLC Carpet Care, when there are so many other choices?

One  of the most common question I have always been asked is what makes TLC Carpet care in castle rock Co different than the other choices. 

That's a good question. There is a good number of carpet cleaning companies to choose from in Castle Rock Co and The Douglas County Area  So, why TLC Carpet Care?


We first comes experience. TLC Carpet care has been in Castle Rock Co been since 2001 and during that time we have learned quite a bit about carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning as well as carpet repair and restreching. One thing TLC Carpet Care prides itself on is not just satisfying my clients, but being committed to them we they need us the most. A happy carpet cleaning client is most likely to share their experience with their friends and family and neighbors, which will lead to a better reputation within the Castle Rock community.


TLC's goal is to do everything I can to insure that your carpets and upholstery will come as clean as they possibly can. It takes a little more time to clean especially if its been awhile since you've cleaned and a few more questions to ask, to find out what type of spots and stains your carpet might have, but the extra time is needed to do a thorough carpet cleaning job. In the end doing everything TLC can do the first time saves you the inconvenience of another carpet cleaning appointment  However, should there be a need to return, we encourage you to call us and we will come back with smiles. 🙂


Another way we work to insure your approval is by leaving air movers, when available, to help with circulation and carpet cleaning dry time. Getting the carpets dry quickly leads to an overall, superior, finished product with less probabilities of spots returning. There are many variables that exist, which will affect drying time. The temperature the region you live in and the amount of humidity in the air and the type of carpet are a couple of the variables that cannot be avoided. But leaving fans to increase airflow is one thing we can do to help drying.  Taking a pro-active approach to drying carpets and returning the following day to pick up the fans is an added value that TLC Carpet Care in castle rock Co provides.


We want your carpet and upholstery cleaning experience to be a positive one. You are important to TLC Carpet Care. So it only makes sense to give you the attention and information you need to make an informed decision. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the carpet cleaning process. For Carpet Cleaning Choices call TLC Carpet Care today at 720.314.0178 or drop us an email and let us know how we can help you. You can also visit us at tlccarpetcare.net