Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock Co




At TLC Carpet Care in Castle rock Co, we know that accidents happens. All Families wants to have beautiful carpet and hard surfaces, but, eventually, the cats, dog, the kids, the neighbors, the friends… somebody, maybe even you, spills a drink or tracks in some dirt, snow, and soil into the carpets. Not to mention that over time your carpet will act like a filter collect organic material such as dirt, dust, plant matter, debris, soot, and other a thousand other chemicals. Even thou you try to spot clean your carpets to maintain your carpet, it doesn't get everything. Your busy schedule between work and family life who really has time and knowledge to clean their carpets? In fact, one of the most expensive and most neglected assets in your home is your carpeting. Carpet not only feels great and makes a room beautiful, but it also acts as a filter to trap indoor pollutants and toxins. Your carpets needs to be cleaned at least annually and some area at least twice a year to its best appearance on a regular basis, not only so that it will extend the life of your carpets and look great but also to keep your indoor air environment clean which is important to your family. Most carpet cleaning companies are in your home in and out as fast as possible. Many companies offer low cheap prices to get in your door. They want to  double your price and then get in and out in as little time as possible, use the low entry price to sell you things that should already be included like pre spraying , and fit as many jobs in a day as possible. Its called bait and switch.

TLC Carpet Care inn Castle Rock Co is different. TLC wants to get to know you and create an ongoing relationship and help you maintain your home today but well into the future. We offer great carpet cleaning service, experience techs, obsessive levels of detail work, and guaranteed results… Just go look at our reviews Google in Castle Rock Co and see what our customers say about us.

We believe in using the right combination of carpet cleaning chemicals, heat, agitation, flushing, vacuum, and air movement to provide our customers with a thorough  level of cleaning and great looking  carpets. TLC Carpet Care uses safe and effective solutions that are residue and soap free cleaning solution that is safe for your family and pets. Our carpet cleaning solution is  designed to break down dirt and soils  and all other organic material.

We use industry standard techniques to clean carpet, tile, upholstery, and stone and time tested methods to provide you with a premium cleaning experience that we feel no other local company in Castle Rock Co can duplicate. We are Pet Stain and Odor Specialists and have designed carpet cleaning solutions that can eliminate many of your carpet’s pet problems. And of course, TLC carpet Care uses state of the art truck Pro Chem truck mounted steam cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) to ensure your carpet is cleaned effectively and efficiently using standards outlined by the IICRC and the Carpet and Rug Institute.

We clean all vacant areas, and will move a few small items that have been cleared of breakables at this price (end tables, nightstands, chairs). We generally don't move things of liability such as electronics, computers, china hutches, pool tables or other heavy items (beds, full dressers, etc). Prices are listed on our website at . One room equals 150 square feet, measured wall to wall; combined living areas will be considered as two rooms. Areas exceeding 250  square feet will be priced as additional room . Closets are included in room price when total square footage does not exceed 250 sq ft.

TLC use Air Movers to provide the fastest drying possible. We also suggest opening windows to assist in increasing air flow to improve evaporation, depending on humidity and never crank up the heat as this will increase humidity. We always recommend you have your fans running until the carpets are dry to provide the quickest and healthiest environment for proper ph as well. You should expect dry times in under 8 hours depending on the type of carpets and the fibers density, generally faster depending on various weather conditions and also soil level, temperature, humidity, and air circulation.

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