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Carpet Cleaners For Pet Stains: Castle Rock Co

Carpet Cleaners For Pet Stains: Castle Rock Co

Are you have problems with pet stains on your carpets? Training a pet or taking care of a problem pet can be frustrating. Trying to clean up the stains that pets leave on your carpets may seem to be very challenging. TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co has the most up to dated chemicals and equipment to help to get rid of those nasty pet stains.

When your dealing with pet stains in your carpets, your dealing with two issues first the eye sore that is looking at the stain. second is the bacteria that is left behind that can release odors in your home. Our truckmount machines allow us to clean out thoroughly all the bacteria in the carpets. Starting with heated water over 200 degrees and the pressure of the steam being able to force the bacteria out of the fibers.

We also have special enzymes that we put into the carpets that help digest all of the bacteria. If you have an alkaline stain as a result of urine we have urine stain removers that are designed to take out all of the yellowing that the urine leaves behind.

Trying to clean your carpets yourself can be frustrating and do more harm than good if your not properly trained .Carpet cleaning is never easy. Also waiting can cause the stain top set in and become pernament. You asleep don't want to leave pet stains in your carpets that will be marks for your pets to resoil your carpets. 

Call TLC Carpet Care in Castle Rock Co today and let one of our caring professionals put and end to your frustrations and pet stains today. You can also visit our website at  720.314.0178