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Can you remove Pet Stains On Carpets- Castle Rock CO

Can you remove pet urine stains on carpet or upholstery? We have a success rate of about 80-95%. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to carpet and upholstery as well as create unhealthy indoor living conditions if not treated quickly and correctly.Besides creating an unpleasant and unhealthy environment, urine contamination can cause permanent damage to the surfaces with which it comes in contact. Bacteria and pH level combine to become a two-fold problem.  When the pet first “goes” on the surface, the deposit is in slightly acidic pH state (pH 5-6).  In this state, it is fairly easy to treat.   The acidic environment is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and bacteria production is almost instantaneous.  As the urine dries and as the bacteria produces waste, the area becomes an alkaline with a pH level of around 11.  In this state it becomes much more difficult to remove; proper chemistry must be applied to effectively remove the source of the bacteria and odor.  A regular carpet cleaning will not effectively remove the alkaline causing the staining and odor.  When a urine deposit is not properly treated, the likelihood of permanent damage to the appearance of the carpet is increased.  Urine deposits will dye the fibers and staining is generally difficult to remove when urine contamination is heavy or treatment is delayed.As it dries and crystallizes, the urine will oxidize and begin to react with the carpet dye to create a color change – producing the familiar yellow spot.  If the urine is not removed quickly it will create a permanent stain by changing the dye structure of the carpet.  This color change is also partly due to the ammonia off-gassing present as the bacteria reproduce and die.  Long term exposure will also chemically change the fiber and sometimes erode the backing of the carpet causing delamination.  Even though the alkaline salts can be removed at this point, the stain and the damage may already be done. 

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