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Can Pet Urine Odor Be Removed from Carpet in Castle Rock,CO

Can Pet Odor BE Removed From Carpet? Hi everyone its me Kyle with TLC Carpet Care. Today I'm going to be covering the Issue Of pet odor in carpet as a result of urine. Can it be removed and how? The answer relly dependson how much urine is deposited and how often. Common sense tells you the bigger the animal such as large dog will deposit alot more urine as suppose to a small dog. Why is this important cause your carpet will only hold so much urine before the urine begins to filter into the pad. This is when things get hard to correct. Also was it an isolated problem or an ongoing chronic occurence. Chronic problems can lead to irreversible damage. What can you do. Quick couple pointers on how pet urinecan be removed from carpets. You may want to start off by finding some cleaning gloves and a mask. Firstwith a white towel try to blot as much of it as you can. Dont try to saturated with water this will only spread the bacteria. If you can find an enzume for pet urine this will help digest the bacteria. You wont be able to correct the problem entirely.



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