Black Lights For Urine Stains, Carpet Cleaning- Parker CO

Black Lights For Urine Stains, Carpet Cleaning- Parker CO

Black Lights For Urine Stains, Carpet Cleaning - Parker CO


Can you can smell it…you know your pet peed on the carpet but you can't see it.

What To Do? TLC Carp[et Care in Parker  CO  has a few tips to help you in such a case.


Use your nose to smell around the room and find urine odor.  Although fresh urine stains should be easier to find due to their smell and wetness, you still need a black light to find other spots and older ones that you may not know are their. If your having a hard time with this process TLC Carpet Care in Parker CO has Black Lights that we can assist you with.Pet-Urine-Black-Light-Inspection


Turn off all lights and close the curtains. It’s best to use your black light when the room is as dark as possible. Shine the black light on the area where you think there are pet urine stains.  Make sure to check around baseboards and even a few inches or more off the carpeted surface on walls and other vertical surfaces, as some animals may spray urine horizontally. also take a look around furniture and hard to reach places like under the bed and couches. Also check behind bed skirts and and window treatments.


Locate the urine stains. Due to the black light, the stains should resemble a green or yellow glow. Once you find areas that are stained, place a paper towel on those areas to help locate the stains with the lights on in order to clean them. Don't try to clean them yourself. If you don't know how to properly treat the stain you can actually do more harm than good.

Once you have found the nature of the stains you'll need to find a carpet cleaner who is an experts in urine stain remover and odor control.

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