Basement Drying, Water Damage- Castle Rock CO

Basement Drying, Water Damage- Castle Rock CO

Basement Drying, Water Damage- Castle Rock CO

Dealing with a flooded basement is no fun at all – but the experts a TLC Carpet Care in castle Rock CO can remove the water from your basement and return it to normal again, fast.

The process that TLC Carpet Care uses is to first help you determine where the source of the water is coming from. Normally you;l want to call out a plumber to also assist. We then water extract all your carpets as well as removing all padding and installing fans and dehumidifiers. Further testing is required to check drywall and other areas.TLC Carpet Care in Castle rock  basement drying process has proven so effective over the years at eliminating customers’ flooded basement problems that Water Damage has gained a reputation as the local industry leader. Not only can we help you out of your immediate Water Damage problem, but we also offer basement re-waterproofing, remodelling, mould prevention, and finishing.



Damp Assessment for Basement Drying

Just because the flood water is no longer actually visible doesn’t mean your basement is dry. 

You could still run into a lot of problems later with lingering basement dampness like peeling paint, musty odours, and rusting metal objects. Even if you think you’ve handled the flood yourself, you might later discover damp spots appearing on walls, or white, powdery residue from water stains. Let the experienced experts at Water Damage check out your site and give you a free assessment.

Since people most often use their basements as storage for valuables, what about the contents of your basement? We can carefully help you salvage your books, photos, wine collection, and other possessions. Timing is critical as you want to remove your valuables to minimize damage.

If you act quickly to contact TLC Carpet Care / Water Damage at 720.314.0178, we can dry your property, and its contents including books and photos in less than 48 hours, before mould has a chance to form. We can restore almost anything so give us a call and see how we can help! Also be sure to call your insurance provider to let them know in case you want to make a claim as insurance companies want to see you use due diligence.

If you can’t contact us immediately after your emergency, a good tip to save books, photos, and other valuable papers is to place them in plastic bags and freeze them. This will delay further damage from mould until the professionals from Water Damage can help you.