Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe For Your Home and Family; Carpet Cleaning Parker Co

Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Safe For Your Home and Family; Carpet Cleaning Parker Co

Are carpet cleaning chemicals safe for your home and family: Carpet Cleaning Parker Co

In the recent history, carpet cleaning companies in Parker Co have used pretty strong chemicals  to clean commercial and residential carpeting that could affect indoor air quality. Due to the movement to greener and safer practices and testing by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), Green Seal, EPA, and other certification companies most carpet cleaning chemicals today are made to be safe for the peoples homes and the people in it.

Can harsh carpet cleaning chemicals actually damage your carpeting?

The short answer some can yes. Carpet cleaning chemicals certainly have the potential to damage your carpet—either because they are the wrong chemical for the type of carpet or stain, because residue is left behind or because optical brighteners are used damaging the carpet over time. That’s why making sure you use the right carpet cleaning chemicals is so important (more on this below).

Facts You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Connsider these things in mind when selecting a commercial or residential carpet cleaning solution or service provider in Parker Co: 

 Not all carpet cleaning chemicals are created the same.

The misconception is that all carpet-cleaning chemicals—which number in the thousands—perform similarly. They do not. Some chemicals will actually have higher PH and do more damage than good when they are not completely extracted.

Sometimes, there is some chemical left in the carpet. That’s why you must know what chemicals are being used on your carpet. 

 More chemicals doesn’t necessarily mean “cleaner”

It’s east to use more, not less. More is always better right? No more often than not.

Using too much of the wrong carpet-cleaning chemical with high ph can damage your carpet investment over time—especially if it contains optical brighteners or has a high alkaline or acidity pH. 

 Untested carpet cleaning chemicals can lead to undesirable results

The latest trend in carpet cleaning in Parker co is the use of crystallizing chemistry. Crystallizing chemicals have embrittling agents in them that allow the chemical to dry to a hard form. Chemistry left in the carpet dries hard and is later removed via normal vacuuming.

A properly designed crystallizing chemicals can be used extremely well (DPM’s proprietary carpet cleaning chemistries fall into this category). The concerns is that too many crystallizing chemicals have been process thru the market without proper testing and labeling. Most dry either too hard or very tacky making your carpets feeling rough and dry.

When you call TLC carpet Care in Parker Co you can be assured that the safest carpet cleaning solutions are being used and properly extracted making your carpet cleaning experience the safest and most thorough cleaning possible.

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