Amazing Pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO

Amazing Pet urine and odor removal in Castle Rock, CO

We all love to keep our pets around us, however, accidents do happen, and you might not want to live with the nasty odors and ugly stains on your carpets or within the house. Nonetheless, there are several carpet cleaning products available within the local stores, not all work perfect on suctions and steam hence, they are not the best fit for removing pet urine and odors.

Moreover, removing pet urine and odor in Castle Rock, CO requires professional deep cleaning. Furthermore, the process should be carried using specialized enzymes that can easily interact with the urine and dissolve it thereby allowing it to be removed by either steam or suction, such services though can only be offered by professional carpet cleaning services like TLC. For over 22 years, TLC has been the leading provider of such services making it be a darling among-st most households. Going by their motto cleaning the untouchables, they also help clients get the bests services that most companies fail to deliver.

Additionally, TLC carpet care has two service packages you can always choose from for your pet concerns:

 - Pet solution package and

 -Protection Package.

The two deliverable packages offer different services for instance, the pet solution package is bundled with deep cleaning, spot treating of your pet, soft water rinses and water extractions, inspection and applications of protectors. Besides, TLC guarantee 100% satisfaction and 30-day guarantee. And if you are not happy with the services, they will come back and ensure everything is done according to your needs. The pet odor and urine cleaning services by TLC carpet care comes in three manifolds:

Bio Modifier- To prevent soiling, the company uses this chemical to help reduce the number of bacteria from the urine thus, making it easy to maintain and clean.

Use of Enzymes- the sub floor, pad and carpets are cleaned using enzymes that guarantee a complete odor removal. The enzymes are always used to break the urine crystals to release the odor entirely. To have house maintain the fresh air, you will need to keep the windows open as it takes between 12-24 hours for the carpet to completely dry.

Cleaning- TLC carpet cleaning services always offer you a thorough cleaning services completely remove the pet odor and urine in Castle Rock, CO from your carpets.