After Cleaning Instructions Carpet cleaning: Castle Rock Co

After Cleaning Instructions Carpet cleaning: Castle Rock Co

After Cleaning Instructions Carpet Cleaning: Castle Rock Co

After TLC Carpet Care has cleaned your carpets, some precautions should be followed for the best results.

Please minimize traffic on the carpet and remember walking from a wet carpet onto a hard surface can be slippery. 

For their health and safety, keep kids and pets off wet carpets until completely dry  after carpet cleaners have left.

To avoid stain and rust spots please don't remove any pads or blocks or techs may have placed under your furniture until carpet is completely dry.

If carpet cleaning stain protection was applied dry time maybe longer. Please allow full dry time before heavy use on carpets.

Carpet cleaning drying time in Castle Rock Co because of humidity can vary widely due to the density of your carpet, humidity, and the degree of soil.To speed dry ventilate as much as possible as weather allows., and increase circulation. Do not turn up you heat. Carpet cleaning dry time can be as soon as two hours up to twelve hours.

The techs have explained what stains may be pernament such as biological spills or coffee or dye stains. The amount of time they have been on the carpet the temperature and the penetration of the spill acid contents all affect a carpet cleaners success rate. In addition some spills make trapped underneath the carpets and may reappear. This is what we call wicking and further carpet cleaning maybe required. This is not a tech error but a condition of drying known as psychometry. If spot does reappear call TLC carpet Care in castle Rock for a free redo.

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