7 Steps To Spot Cleaning Carpets- Parker CO

7 Steps To Spot Cleaning Carpets- Parker CO

7 Steps To Spot Cleaning Carpets- Parker CO


​When cleaning spots on carpets one must be careful with what they use and how much you use. When it comes to carpet cleaning the one thing to keep in mind is a carpets ph factor. Always when picking out a spotter try to get a ph reading. TLC Carpet Care in Parker Co gives you 7 tips below that will help you when you try to spot clean your carpets. We Hope you find this beneficial.

1. Catch it while it's fresh, when chances of removal are 75% better. Don't iron or hot-air dry until the stain is gone. Heat will set most stains.

2. First blot up all the liquid and scrape up all the solids you can. On a large liquid spill you can use a wet/dry vac. Be careful not to spread the stain.

3. Test any chemical you intend to use in a hidden area to make sure it won't discolor or damage the surface.

4. Apply spotter and work from the outside of the stain in, to avoid spreading. Blot, don't scrub; strike with the flat face of a spotting brush if needed to help break up the stain.

5. Rinse chemical spotters out with water, blot the area dry and feather the edges. Brush or fluff up pile or nap.

6. On carpet and upholstery, put a thick pad of toweling over the spot, weight it down with books, and leave it there overnight to "wick up" any remaining moisture.

7. One thing to keep in mind is top never sour the carpet fiber to hard this will only cause carpet fraying and cause irreversible wear.

Many spots come out with our regular cleaning process.  Some stubborn spots, such as red dye stains, grease spots, and others, require more specialized attention. 

If a person used the wrong chemical (in this case, an oxidizer, which many household spot removers will use), that person would set the dye stain, making it impossible to remove.

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